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Injection molds and enterprises were fund financing
According to the "investment community" message, automotive wiring harness connector molds and parts companies Tianjin Cohen injection molding, Ltd. ("Tianjin Cohen") recently completed its first round of financing, the investor is Shanghai Long Jiang Guohong Investment Management Limited ("Cheung Kunihiro ") Kunihiro Shanghai Kaiyuan Fund's investment center (limited partnership).      Allegedly, Tianjin Cohen in financing will continue in the automotive wiring harness connector of the new design and development, capacity expansion and domestic strategic layout, etc. to increase investment.      Reported that with the advent of high-end models, the electric car as the representative of the era of domestic consumption upgrade, automotive electronics and automotive wiring harness in the vehicle accounted for an increasingly high, which harness connector to the tremendous business development opportunities. But the harness connector components used in domestic and foreign cars more than 90% of international manufacturers monopoly.      At present, Tianjin Cohen has become an important partner Sumitomo, Delphi, Lear, Lenny, the world's leading harness factory, and its products are widely used in a variety of end-GM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and many other models harness system; while Cohen also and above Tianjin Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile, Great Wall and other local brands to establish a long-term relationship. domestic advanced manufacturing and key auto parts as a professional investment institutions focusing on one area of ​​investment, Shanghai Kunihiro Kaiyuan Investment Management Center is the fifth of its launch RMB funds.
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