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3D printing molds for short-term injection

As an alternative to aluminum and steel molds, produced in 3-D printer can replace plastic injection molds for short-term products and prototypes, application trends in the expansion.

     3D printer vendor Stratasys Ltd., held on June 9 -12 May 2014 at the Detroit show demonstrated the company's DigitalABS mold material.

     Company representatives at the show, said the company's acquisition by using this in 2012 ObjetLtd. Corporation (also 3D printer manufacturer) when the resulting technology, Stratasys company to improve mold finishes, and produce better products than ever .

     3D printing mold production cost far less than the traditional mold, but also more vulnerable. This mold is low compared to the traditional mold material can withstand the heat, the pressure is low, and molded parts must be easy to pour, as if it would damage the plastic mold to pry out.

     Protojet LLC's Steve Gunderson said: "You can not treat like an aluminum mold beat it."

     Despite the durability of metal mold plastic mold is better, but can be used for prototyping and short-term injections of hundreds of products. 3D printing molds are used for the production of prototype parts, help identify design problems, avoid consuming a lot of money making defective design aluminum or steel molds.

     Experts said the success of the injection mold using 3D printing means you can change the manufacturing process, which is not too many companies dare to do things.

     Stratasys's George Russell Jr. said, this is a disruptive technology.

     Russell said, Stratasys company is working with one of Detroit's Big Three car manufacturers to cooperate in the automotive industry to promote training 3D printing, the automotive industry has so far accepted technique is particularly slow.

     ProtoLabs's Gus Breiland said that although he believes mold makers should be aware of the technology, but he did not think the industry will have a significant impact.

     He said: "This is not just a simple matter produced parts should also be considered to limit the resin, production restrictions .... we do not solve these problems, but they try to be the first truly great thing.."

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