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Injection mold Injection mold design process and procedures

An injection mold process: injection mold processing is expected to open: Before mold material, mold after mold materials, inserts material, the line bit material, injection work lifter material; injection mold processing open box: box mold before the mold after mold mold box; injection mold factory; injection mold processing open coarse: rough opening before the mold cavity, the mold cavity open coarse, coarse parting line open; injection mold processing of copper: copper mold injection mold material before the public, after the copper mold public parting line clearance angle of copper; injection mold processing line cutting: insert parting line, the copper, the lifter pillow bit; injection mold processing computer gongs: Injection mold parting line finishing gong, gong after finishing the mold core ; injection mold processing EDM: Before mold thick, copper male, male mold line clearance angle, the mold bone bits, pillow-bit injection talent Network; drilling, pinholes, thimble; injection mold processing line position, the line pressure pole position; slant complex thimble, injection mold factory with thimble; injection mold processing other: ① jack Tsui, code-mode pits, garbage nails (nail limit); ② fly mode; ③ outlet, hold the head, spring, injection mold.

     Two, injection mold design process for plastics injection mold processing diagram and entity (the real kind) to analyze and digest: A, injection mold injection technology products to geometry; B, injection mold processing of dimensions, tolerances and design benchmarks; C, injection mold processing technical requirements; D, plastic injection mold machining name, grade & nbs visit injection workshop p; injection mold injection unloading robot E, injection mold cavity surface requires the number and arrangement of cavities : A, injection mold and injection machine weight of products injected volume; B, the products to the projected area of ​​the clamping force injection machines; C, injection mold tooling and injection molding machine installation dimensions to the effective area of ​​the mold, injection molding machine (or injection machine rod inside pitch) D, product precision injection mold processing, color; enhance pa9t injection temperature; Schroder injection machinery E, injection mold processing of products with or without side shaft and treatment methods; F, injection mold processing products in production volume; after G, injection mold processing cost (per mold to produce value) to determine the number of cavities, the cavity will be arranged, that type of injection mold process chamber arranged location, cavity to arrangement involving mold size, injection mold gating system design process, gating system balance, core pulling (slip Husky Injection Molding ehs block) mechanism design, inserts and core design, heat exchange system design, these issues but also with sub-surface and gate locations to choose color injection molding select relevant, so the specific design process, to make the necessary adjustment in order to achieve more perfect design

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