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China plastic mold industry left behind the root of international

Our plastic mold development with the development of the plastics industry and development. In recent years, a variety of equipment and supplies, weight and appearance and feel of the increasingly high demand, which provides a broader market for plastic products.
Plastic products to develop, along with the inevitable requirement of plastic mold development. Automobiles, home appliances, office supplies, industrial appliances, building materials, electronic communications and other plastic products industry in recent years, the main users are running high, rapid development, therefore, the rapid development of plastic mold.

In 2007, China (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan statistics, the same below) plastic mold sales of about 36.5 billion yuan. Large mold car bumpers, dashboards whole, large screen color TV, washing machines and other large-capacity molds and other plastic parts precision molds discs, light guide plates, mobile phones, audio-visual equipment, small modulus gear, lights and other pieces of plastic molds and other complex injection mold multicolor, multi-injection, low pressure injection molding, with pieces of blue poor, inner mold transfer, steam injection molding, gas-assisted injection molding hot runner and multi-cavity mold plastic mold plastic packaging molds, plastic molds and other high-speed packaging plastic profile extrusion die the mold, including the dual-chamber, two-color, two-material and other coextrusion die.

China's plastic mold industry and its development needs and foreign advanced level, the main problem in the six areas.

(A) uneven development, lower overall product level. Although individual company's products have reached a very high level of individual enterprises and some products have reached or close to international standards, but overall, precision mold cavity surface roughness, the production cycle, life expectancy and other indicators with foreign advanced level phase than there is a big gap. There are more than 10 years compared to the gap, including production and business management, including the overall level of foreign industrial countries.

(2) backward technology and equipment, poor organization and coordination. Although some enterprises through technological innovation in recent years, have more advanced technology and equipment level, but most companies are still relatively backward technology and equipment. More important is our corporate organization and coordination is poor, it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources very well as I used to, so it is difficult to undertake large projects.

(3) the ability of most companies to develop weak. On the one hand is the low proportion of technical personnel, the level is not high enough, on the other hand is less research and development investment, more important is the idea behind the development is not enough attention.

(4) management behind even more than the technology behind. Technological backwardness is often easy to see, sometimes it is difficult to realize the management behind. The gap between domestic and mold enterprise management is very obvious gap management problems are often caused by more serious than the technology gap.

(5) market demand, the development of production were unable to keep up, were unable to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand, the supply situation will continue for some time, especially in high-end products in more prominent contradictions.

(6) to resolve still to institutional and personnel issues. In the socialist market economy, the process of economic globalization, competitive industries, especially as the mold so dependent on a particular user, single-piece production needs of the industry, many companies current system and operational mechanism are still difficult to adapt to changing market. The quantity and quality level of talent can not keep up the rapid development of the industry. Although the country are trying to solve these two problems, but still to get a better solution.

Today, the level of mold production technology has become an important indicator to measure the level of a country's manufacturing, since the die largely determines the quality of products, efficiency and new product development capability.

Looking to the future, because of the international and domestic macroeconomic environment is generally good, the domestic plastic mold of the major user industries will continue at a faster pace, plastic mold will also sustained and rapid development.

The main existing problems through exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, through the joint efforts of the whole industry, through joint support from all quarters, will gradually get a better solution.

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