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Level of development of our die-casting mold industry progress
Our investment casting mold is not only able to lure top domestic customers, but also to attract North American GM, Chrysler and other world-class American auto giants eye, then with the continuous improvement mold manufacturing technology, process of continuous improvement, coupled with China's mold exports the European automotive oil pan casting mold strong price advantage, the global economic downturn in recent years, so the next high domestic investment casting mold export volume will steadily. With the rapid development of China's automobile and other related industries, die-casting mold industry has been driven up. In modern society, information on every industry and business terms are unusual precious, to develop IT industry on the development of die-casting mold is also crucial to develop and make good use of information resources to production and business activities of the use of information in a timely manner handling, smooth flow and high-quality, high-efficiency operation. From a macro national policy, the development of industry, international and domestic market capacity, the international and domestic market large sophisticated investment casting mold and die casting mold is huge. More and more high-quality investment casting mold across the seas, these molds are common features sophisticated materials, well-made, high dimensional accuracy, to meet customer standards, life and casting quality reached the international advanced level, but also has a significant price advantage.
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Add: ShangSha , ChangAn Town, DongGuan City, Guangdong Province, China

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