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Stamping die has entered a golden age of rapid development
In recent years, the mold industry to speed up the adjustment of product structure, with a large, sophisticated, complex, long-life molds for the development of high-tech mold speed is higher than the overall growth rate on behalf of the industry, accounting for about 35 percent die of the total. China's total now stamping parts processing mold production has been ranked in the forefront in the world, and start from the mold importer gradually transformed into a mold exporter. Our more than 30,000 existing mold manufacturing enterprises, employing about 100 people, 2012 annual sales of 124 billion yuan, sales booming, yield, quality and level has been further improved, in particular the development of the automotive industry and IT manufacturing , pulling the mold quality improvement, sophisticated mold manufacturing equipment to enhance the level of mold technology has provided a guarantee. China's mold industry is experiencing a "golden stage of development," the coming period will continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth. From the industry structure, the rapid development of private enterprises, state-owned enterprise vitality, market-oriented professional mold manufacturer number and capacity increased rapidly, to adapt to the characteristics of the production mold industry gathering mold stamping parts processing production parks have been developed, such as mold industry owe Midwest developed regions have greater progress. Some die stamping parts processing enterprise multi-position progressive die precision has reached 2 microns, life expectancy up to 300 million times more than red, multi-position progressive die of individual enterprises has been available for use in 2500 / min high speed punch, precision up to 1 micron. Is capable of producing 43 inches large screen TV, 65 inches rear projection TV Molded mold, 10 kg large capacity washing machine full set of plastic molds and car bumpers, instrument panels and other large overall plastic mold. Precision plastic mold stamping parts processing cameras and cell phones have been able to produce plastic molds, multi-cavity small module gear.
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Add: ShangSha , ChangAn Town, DongGuan City, Guangdong Province, China

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