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Mold companies to constantly improve sales will reduce prices
Mold industry after long-term development, currently in the ascendancy. At this stage, how to mold companies should adopt the way of development, a major mold enterprises to actively think about. China is currently engaged in mold production enterprises more, but relatively small scale, are basically small workshop mode, there is no scientific and technological content. Small mold companies are basically imitating products, resulting in the low-end of the homogenization of the mold more and more. Mold enterprises have to face overcapacity, inventory backlog problem. Mold companies in order to constantly improve sales, will reduce the price of the product. Several mold companies have cut prices, leading the industry in trouble, fewer and fewer corporate profits. When profits are compressed, companies simply do not have the extra funds for product development. This leads to a vicious course, such a situation with a low level of technology throughout the industry, the price war continued to make the domestic industry in the world die mold industry which is in the low-end position. Mold industry wants to be developed, we must continue to increase R & D funding, increase the technology content, to produce a core competitive products. Increase R & D efforts, can really change the current mode of competition. China's mold companies should be to improve the technological content of products, from the current price war to competitive technology. Simply grab market share from the current non-profit, market share into a common profit. I believe Chinese companies change the way they compete in the future, companies can greatly enhance production levels, effective out of the vicious competition for the mold industry to the next level.
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