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Mold industry to achieve rapid development, we must develop intelligent mold
With the continuous development of information technology, the concept of intelligence began to penetrate into all walks of life and every aspect of our lives, have appeared in a smart residential area, smart hospitals are based intelligent building anchored stretchers, while industrial development of intelligence is indispensable. Smart mold is driven by the power of modern technology were born, intelligent mold is a necessary condition for the development of modern manufacturing, so the demand for intelligent mold growing with the development of the industry, the market decided to produce intelligent mold the future demand most, of course, will become the development direction of the mold industry. China's mold industry to achieve rapid development, we must develop intelligent mold, it is learned, as China's low-cost human resources unsustainable and the continuous development of science and technology, automation, and intelligent manufacturing is bound to become an important development direction of modern manufacturing, intelligent mold will also follow rapidly. Production of products can be further improved, more materials, automated production and green manufacturing product quality and production efficiency with intelligent mold. Therefore, although the total amount of intelligent mold is not much, but it represents a new direction mold technology will play an increasingly important role in product development pattern adjustment and structural aspects of the industry. Intelligent mold development well, is bound to promote the entire mold industry quickly upgrade the level play a strong role in promoting, therefore, a priority in the development of the industry in the development of intelligent mold is particularly necessary. Development of intelligent mold, is not only the new requirements proposed by the manufacturing industry of mold, but it is also the further development of mold industry driving force, so that it will become the future direction of the mold industry.
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