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Lack of understanding of the mold industry can really transition
Deteriorating environment as a whole, so that people are beginning to realize the importance of environmental protection. Mold as a high pollution and high energy consumption industries, the future transformation becomes extremely important. China's mold industry is not only faced with the technological superiority of developed countries, is facing the dual pressures of the same price advantage in developing countries. Therefore, China's mold industry has begun to actively seek industrial transformation and upgrading of the road. Want to carry out industrial restructuring and upgrading, you first need to understand the lack of industry among. Now, in a highly competitive market environment, China's mold production and management trends emerged pyramid phenomenon. First, the metal mold industry leaders take the lead is not strong. Second, the metal mold industry technology innovation capability is weak. Third, the market structure is too simple, too high export dependence. Fourth, brand building is lagging behind, the lack of visibility and core competitiveness. Fifth, the lack of a common platform to serve. Some pre-existing problems continue to emerge, it is also increasingly serious. For example, the emergence of mold cost, product quality and technical content structure is not high, rough and other issues. Only mastered the patented technology, it allows companies with strong competitive advantages, to enter the high-end market, the creation of their own unique brand. Change the sales model, not only relying on the traditional sales model, in e-commerce tide of erosion, it's achievements for all to see, more and more companies recognize the mold, to get orders through e-commerce has been a big trend of the trend.
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