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Precision Mould market demand conditions

With economic development, the plastics industry increasingly developed, many industry requirements for mold precision mold industry also began to become a broad outlook, precision molds market shortage situation. However, the proportion of low-end high school production of China's mold industry is extremely uneven, which is not conducive to the development of China's mold industry. Urgent need to accelerate structural adjustment speed, the development of high-end market segments, synchronized with the international market. Than before, the level of mold technology has greatly improved, but the proportion of low-end high school production of domestic mold industry is extremely uneven, which is not conducive to the development of China's mold industry. Although the past few years, China's mold industry structure and system has made ​​a lot of changes, mainly as follows: high-grade mold, large, sophisticated, complex, and long life. However, due to excessive mold needs of middle and low, while the high-end mold but with a rate of less than 60 percent since. Not difficult to see where the unreasonable.
They are mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, mold steel and other constraints; Second, the level of standardization should be improved; Third, the high-end talent in urgent need of foster mold; Fourth, accelerate the pace of restructuring mold products; five, increase investment in order to strengthen innovation capacity; six, promote inter-mold consolidation and reorganization; seven overseas market development needs to be deepened.

Improve the level of technology

Because of the downstream industry, especially the automotive industry key and core mold for higher import dependence, making a series of key-related products for the hosts, the core injection molding products are mainly provided by the internationally renowned mold companies.

In recent years, the cabinet mold technology companies as well as continuous improvement of products, and therefore, some of the plastic mold or injection began in the international flow of success among some high-end industrial supply chain system, it is to replace some of the imported products, get rid of the right its dependence. But it is undeniable that among the international high-end market are just a few parts.

According to 12th Five Year Plan, China's mold industry will focus on breakthroughs in large and sophisticated plastic mold design, such as: automotive plastic mold, plastic mold, etc. Marine. Only continue to follow up these new advanced technology, advanced products, it will not age eliminated. With the improvement of China's mold industry technical level, product level gradually increased, and now hosts a number of international trade supply chain system to further tilt to domestic companies, which will be an opportunity and a challenge. It is understood that, by 2015, China's market needed to mold self-supporting rate will reach more than 85%, of which high-end mold self-supporting ratio will be significantly improved.

Some experts pointed out that China's mold industry in the future in addition to continue to increase production capacity, but also to focus on internal restructuring and raise the level of technological development. The main specialization is corporate structure to adjust product mix towards high-end mold development, to improve the import and export structure, the luxury car cover mold forming analysis and structural improvements, multi-functional composite mold and composite processing and laser technology in the mold design and manufacture application on high-speed cutting, super finishing and polishing technology, information-oriented development.

Die face the world market, especially the high-end market this promising big cake, who will echocardiography. The status quo mold industry development, research and development related to mold machine products to seize the market.

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